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Have you filled out the Parent Survey?

Dear Parent/Carer We need feedback from all families in our community. This starts with asking people what they think about a range of issues, seeking out concerns, asking for suggestions and ideas to support our continued... Read more

Brendan enters experimental data

The Science of Sustainability

Sustainability in the Ocean. For my Science project I have been investigating sustainable fishing. I had to do an experiment which simulated rod and net fishing, using beads to represent 2 species of fish, the Orange Roughy (an... Read more

Stanford University College football team

Stanford Cardinals - Stanford University College football team visit

Standford University College football team and an Australian Geography lesson Some lads from the Stanford Cardinal football program joined our primary classroom today and joined into a class game, swapped stories and information... Read more

Sydney Childrens Hospital School (SCHS) is a K-12 school for specific purposes operating within Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) and is a joint venture between the Hospital and the NSW Department of Education.