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The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data - NCCD

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data All schools are required to complete the annual Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). The NCCD draws on the professional judgement of teachers and evidence of adjustments being provided for students with a disability, consistent with obligations under the Disability Standards for Education. Information required for the NCCD Each year schools will record and submit evidence based information about: the number of students receiving an adjustment for disability as defined in the DDA and the... Read more


Megan with her certificate she received

Dancing dynamo

One of our year 12 students Megan Allen, recently received an award to recognise her commitment to dance. Megan is studying dance as one of her HSC subjects and is passionate for it. On top of her studies at school, Megan belongs to a dance school in her local area and was awarded the Dance/Theatre Student of the Year 2017. We wish her the very best with her HSC studies, and hope her love of dance remains strong beyond school.... Read more

High school students enjoying the session

Music with Music Matt

Music with Music Matt Music with music Matt every Friday from 2pm to 3. A marvellous place and time that shares the love and passion of music to anybody's ability. During this time, people are able to sing and play along with shakers and other percussion instruments to many well-known hits. This sort of fun enables children to learn through experience. They are able to experiment with different sorts of beats and rhythms in order to learn what sorts of beats and rhythms support and properly accompany certain types of songs. Furthermore, it... Read more

Samples of high school students' screen prints

Screen Printing in the ED Support Class

Students learn to screen print Students were introduced to screen printing which is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink or paint directly to the surface to be printed, except in areas of the mesh which are made impenetrable to the ink or paint by sticking on a blocking stencil. The ink/paint is wiped across the screen using a rubber blade or squeegee to move it through the unblocked areas of the mesh. This reaches the surface to be printed and starts the printing process. For each colour to be added to the substrate, a... Read more

Brendan enters experimental data

The Science of Sustainability

Sustainability in the Ocean. For my Science project I have been investigating sustainable fishing. I had to do an experiment which simulated rod and net fishing, using beads to represent 2 species of fish, the Orange Roughy (an endangered species which breeds slowly) and Salmon ( a faster breeding species). I found rod fishing was more sustainable as it allowed time for populations to build up between "seasons", represented by 20 second fishing periods. Net fishing is far less sustainable than rod fishing as large numbers were caught... Read more

Stanford University College football team

Stanford Cardinals - Stanford University College football team visit

Standford University College football team and an Australian Geography lesson Some lads from the Stanford Cardinal football program joined our primary classroom today and joined into a class game, swapped stories and information on our countries and looked up where our students came from on the globe map. They connected with staff and students with warmth and enthusiasm and are definitely an asset to their College and Country. This Sunday, the Stanford Cardinals take on the Rice University Owls in the College Football Sydney Cup at Allianz... Read more

NAPLAN Online School readiness test

NSW schools will participate in the NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test from 14 August to 22 September. There is a lot of information for schools, students and parents on the NAPLAN Online transition website. The school readiness test is a ‘practice run' for schools to assess their technology as we prepare to transition to NAPLAN Online. It provides an opportunity for schools to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online assessment platform but is not an assessment of student ability.... Read more

Ministers, Local Members and Principals @ launch

The megabonkeramus launch of Littlescribe!

The megabonkeramus launch of Littlescribe! Littlescribe have been inspired to work with Sydney Children's Hospital School. Littlescribe celebrated their launch attended by Mr Rob Stokes the Minister of Education and Mr Matt Kean Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation. The Hospital school featured on the day as a shining light of possibility and innovation.... Read more

Our Littlescribes in action!

You tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8U2sjhczGY You tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNwC-39lpwg... Read more

High School Class Investigates Weather Patterns

The SCHS High School Class created a weather vane to determine wind direction and weather patterns. The interesting experiment covered several Science and Technology outcomes as well as incorporating Visual Art skills. Lucky, we experienced a variety of different weather patterns over the Month of June and recorded changes in wind directions over the course of a week.... Read more

Tree of Life

Living Things

The whole school is looking forward to the visit from Taronga Zoo in mid June. The Zoomobile will bring lots of animals for the students to learn about and, in anticipation of this, each class has started work on a unit of work - Livings Things. The High School class has explored the characteristics of living things, creating a great display using a tree as the central theme. The movie The Jungle Book has provided a stimulus and some of the students have researched central animal characters. The mammals Bagheera the leopard, and Shere Khan the... Read more

Leopard poster

Leopards are mammals

Students from the High school class have been learning about scientific names and are also researching their favourite animals. One student chose to find out more about a mammal, the leopard, Panthera pardus. This is the scientific name for a leopard. Panthera is the genus that the leopard belongs to and pardus is the species. Scientific names are always written in italics and are the same all over the world, which allows scientists to know what organism is being considered. Humans are called Homo sapiens which means wise man in Latin.... Read more


School Development Day - High Possibility Classrooms and STEM

Motivated and engaged staff from SCHS and RNSHS A School Development Day facilitated by Dr Jane Hunter, Senior Lecture in School of Education. Postdoctoral research in STEM to develop teacher capacity and support strategic planning on the High Possibility Classrooms research in NSW public schools http://www.highpossibilityclassrooms.com/, as well as, STEM/STEAM and the research conducted locally and how the findings support teachers in small group and 1:1 situation. Teachers had an opportunity to discuss and unpack key ideas, planning... Read more

HS staff Simone, Trish, Monique and Rosie

Harmony Day

The High School staff and students embraced Harmony Day on Tuesday last week. The staff arrived appropriately dressed in orange and the staff and students discussed the origins of the day. Since 1999 Harmony Day has been recognised as a day to celebrate cultural diversity and this year it coincided with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination. The classroom got very harmonious after lunch with staff and students joining together in a great game of Equable, the Maths equivalent of Scrabble. Simple and complex... Read more

Have you filled out the Parent Survey?

Dear Parent/Carer We need feedback from all families in our community. This starts with asking people what they think about a range of issues, seeking out concerns, asking for suggestions and ideas to support our continued growth. If you have had a child enrolled at our school and have not completed the online survey, please help us capture your feedback. It will take up to 15 minutes to complete. It has some questions we need to ask, it has some ideas we want feedback on and most importantly, it provides you with a chance to tell us what is... Read more

Ready to launch the balloon rocket

Balloon rockets

Last week one of our students investigated what makes rockets fire into space. He learnt about Newton's third law - 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. He made a balloon rocket and fired it up a string. Robbie was delighted with the results. To conduct this experiment yourself, see the following clip Balloon rocket experiment... Read more



A big thank you to Paul and Jared from Mirri Mirri Indigenous Cultural Education Training who helped celebrate NAIDOC week with us .The students and staff enjoyed the art activities, damper making, story telling and didgeridoo lessons.... Read more

Nationally Consistent Collection of data on school students with disabilities for 2016

Nationally Consistent Collection of data on school students with disabilities for 2016. This year it is mandatory for our school to participate in the collection of nationally consistent data on school students with a disability. A disability is any continuing condition that restricts everyday activities. With the assistance of appropriate aids and services, the restrictions experienced by many people with a disability may be overcome. Students receiving learning adjustments at school for a period of 10 weeks or longer will be included in... Read more

National Tree Day

National Tree Day 2016

National Tree Day 2016 Friday, 29th July is National Tree Day and the staff and students of the Sydney Childrens Hospital School will be busy planting trees and plants to celebrate. Recent research commissioned by Planet Ark has found that nature helps make people happier, healthier, brighter, calmer and closer. The more tress and plants in our playground...the merrier!! Although small, our playground provides a needed green, outdoor space for our students to play and learn in when attending the hospital school. This is quite often the only... Read more

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